Miss Cloud - Bedtime Stories

Have you ever played a shadow game by the night lamp, shaping fingers into a crocodile or a bird and play with them? Miss Cloud made a little shadow theatre with characters made of shadows! Find out all about Miss Cloud's and her joyful friends, who will tell you the beautiful bedtime stories.



Miss Cloud has manny exciting stories! Imagine, one story is hiding in a teapot, the other in a cloud, while the one is flying like a flee around her head.
Become one of Miss Cloud's great fariytales and enjoy the happy characters hiding in them. And keep your eyes wide open, because stories are all around us!

Lives in the seventh heaven,
hidden place filled with love and fantasy.
Miss Cloud has manny happy frineds who become alive in her bedtime stories! Become one of Miss Cloud's little friends and join her in the magical world of fairy tales!

Miss Cloud's best friend, Looky is
an olm and the main character of her existing stories. Every night he goes
to a new adventure.
    With the light and a shadow technic and a bit of      imagination, Miss Cloud tells us theese beatiful bedtime    stories that will help you sleep well.
HEADLINE: Miss Cloud's Bedtime stories
AUTHORS OF THE SERIES: Petra Radin (MISS CLOUD.), Matija Šantić i Tomislav Jelinčić
DIRECTOR: Nikola Klobučarić
PRODUCTION: Project 6 studio
GENRE: Children's program


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  1. #1 05.09.2011 at 23:12 MONIKA

    Igrom slučaja DVD Priče Sanje M (Čarobni osmijeh) našao se nedavno kod mene. Nakon što ga je moj dvogodišnji sin prvi put pogledao zaista mu se dopao i svaku večer ga želi gledati prije spavanja. Ja bih mu željela nabaviti i ostale dvije epizode (Kineski zid i Dugine boje) te Vas molim da mi javite gdje se mogu kupiti. Unaprijed hvala!