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O spikerskoj radionici se piše i u Gloriji!

on 18.03.2011.
  U Gloriji (izdanje 10. ožujka 2011., str. 20) izašao je članak o Spikerskoj radionici.
 Što u njemu piše, pročitajte ovdje!

Voice-over workshop in Jutarnji list!

on 20.01.2011.
    U Jutarnjem listu (izdanje 19. siječnja 2011., str. 41) izašao je članak o Spikerskoj radionici koja se
    priprema u Project 6 studiju. Pročitajte članak ovdje.


on 08.02.2010. | 7,644 views

Jutarnji list  Jutarnji list donosi priču o profesoru Žaniću koji je napisao knjigu o sociolingvistici animiranih
 filmova 'Kako bi trebali govoriti hrvatski magarci?'.

KitKat in Gloria

on 03.02.2010.

Iz časopisa Gloria  Časopis Gloria spominje Alena Šalinovića i snimanje reklame za čokoladicu KitKat.
  Pogledajte press clipping, a napravite i pauzu, pa pročitajte i making of  tv spota 'Carinik' ;).

STUDIO o natječaju na HTV-u

on 13.07.2009.

Čalank iz časopisa STUDIO  Časopis STUDIO donosi priču o filmovima koji su prošli natječaj u kategoriji dokumentarnog filma sa
  društveno-značajnom temom u trajanju do 50 minuta. 'Priče s granice' su odabrane među 8 filmova.

Portal about 'Stories from the border'

on 02.04.2009. piše o našem filmu i najavljuje projekcije i nastup redatelja Sarića u KIC-u.
Link na članak.



on 25.02.2009. | 3,943 views

  'Stories from the border' on  ZAGREBDOX website. Read all about  our movie.

"Dok se službeni Zagreb i Ljubljana svakodnevno nadmudruju ... "

on 27.03.2009.
  Na webu Hrvatske radio televizije je predstavljen film iz naše produkcije.
  Pročitajte što su napisali.
ŽELJKO SARIĆ, cinematographer and director

ŽELJKO SARIĆ, cinematographer and director

on 09.06.2008.
I first collaborated with Project6 Studio ten years ago.  In the past few years I have made my most important films with Project6 Studio with the assistance of grants. The films have been shown at film festivals in Croatia and abroad. I am sure that a significant contribution to my success derived from the professional standards I experienced whilst at Project6, and especially the inspiration from the wide variety of media produced at the studios. There is the personal touch along with a relaxed but professional and reliable work ethic present that binds this team of enthusiasts together. It is the perfect formula for a functional and well-designed working environment on Baštjanova 25 that ensures top-quality output. These are the reasons for our long-standing co-operation and I believe that we will continue working successfully together in the years to come.
DRAŽEN ŽARKOVIĆ, film and TV director

DRAŽEN ŽARKOVIĆ, film and TV director

on 30.06.2008.
After years of directing super-shorts, shorts, a few medium-length and even a few feature-length films, including documentaries, features and series, my first dubbing of a film at Project6 Studio can simply be described as rehabilitation in a spa. There are not 50 people around you, asking questions, there is no producer with a stop-watch, there is no stress, no morning sickness before shooting, and there are no sleepless nights. There is only you, a sound mixer, a microphone and an actor closed in a recording booth behind a thick slab of glass. It is Heaven on Earth. In addition to that, you also work with decent, humble people, who are at the same time real professionals. There is no pressure, you have normal working hours, you are off on Saturdays and Sundays and you get free lunch. It would be my pleasure to work with you in the future!
IVANA BAKARIĆ, author, actress and dubbing director

IVANA BAKARIĆ, author, actress and dubbing director

on 09.06.2008.
When someone says to me, “We are one big family!” I feel a little bit sick! In a big family people fight, argue and don’t talk for years because of trivial nonsense. But at Project6 Studio there is nothing of the sort! Thank God we are not a big family! I am really trying hard not to have any sentimental outbursts, so I’ll try to explain in this way: the other day I glanced at a TV guide and I realised that OUR cartoons are being broadcasted on three prominent channels! I was really proud! Do you understand?! Our cartoons! I feel like a member of a well-coordinated and creative team! That’s all! I did get sentimental a little bit! Never mind! I could go on about this, but the boss told me to be brief!
FEDJA JUVAN, radio DJ, producer, voice-over, Slovenia

FEDJA JUVAN, radio DJ, producer, voice-over, Slovenia

on 09.06.2008.
An effective team that merges professionalism in every respect (technical, organisational and financially disciplinary – which is not a common thing these days) with warm heartedness, decency and friendly and relaxed treatment of all the sound operators, producers and other collaborators.
It is obvious that this team’s priority is to create the atmosphere that enables you to relax fully and reach the state of singing in your own bathroom – meaning, fully at ease and self-assured. You cannot reach this level of comfort as a Voice Actor or Voice-Over Artist without the full support of those on the other side of the glass. In these conditions provided by Project6 Studio, the end result is always good.  Besides all of this, I like the team that works 24/7, but keeps in mind that, in our line of work, a splash of humour goes a long way to make you work better, more efficiently and happier. In brief – they are the people I would really like to share a beer or two with, if I did not have to travel to Slovenia!
As a presenter, all of this is much more than I would ask from the best studios.
I hope we will be working together for a long time!

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