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The voice-lift

The voice-lift

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The voice-lift
written by: Sanda Nosić
Haven't you heard of this plastic surgery procedure?

Plastic surgery has made a step forward. Nowadays, you can make your vocal cords younger. Isn't that just great?  All you need is a surgical procedure to make your tired, hoarse and old voice sound more youthful. The Americans started the trend (who else?) and then it arrived to Europe.
Actually, performing surgery on vocal cords is nothing new in medicine. Until recently, doctors performed vocal cord surgery in order to reconstruct voice on people who have lost it through diseases, such as tumour, or due to some kind of trauma. Or to keep vocal cords of actors, singers, presenters and teachers functional.   
Vocal cords are composed of twin infolding of mucous membrane. The male vocal cords are 18 mm and female are 10 mm long.  With age, vocal cords are aging too. As muscles get weaker, so do vocal cords. And the voice-lift of vocal cords is not a simple procedure. During the procedure, the doctor has to communicate with the patient, inject fat or collagen in those 10-ish millimetres of vocal cords to plump them up. The quantity of fat injected is estimated during the procedure while the patient is trying to modulate the sound “e”. The final result is clear voice of higher intonation.
But perhaps there is no need to take such drastic measures. All you need is to be responsible for this finest of instruments, and how you can do that, find out in our next article!


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Sanda Nosić
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