Voice-over voices

We listen to them daily, wherever we go

We listen to them daily, wherever we go

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We listen to them daily, wherever we go
written by: Ivana Jelinčić
They are the people we don't see, we usually don't even know what they look like, but we know their voices!


 Apearing from left to right : D. Korpiva, A. Štorga, M. Lovrec, M. Leš, J. Bilušić 

  Who are the true guardians of pure Croatian language? Are our voice-over artists and grammarians considered to be the last line of defence? To what extent does a dialect invade their speech and to what extent does the standard language mix with the components of the dialect of the immediate environment? If we take a look into linguistic or general lexicographic works, the definitions they provide will often give us ambiguous answers. Taking into account all these dilemmas, it turns out that being a Croatian voice over artist is a rather demanding and ungrateful job. And to be a voice over artist in advertising is a complex category by itself. Regardless of all its disadvantages, many find this profession alluring. But, how do you become a voice over artist? Who are those voices we hear on TV or radio every day? Look for the answers to these and many other questions right here, where advertisements are made. 

What should a voice over artist have? First of all, two standard things: nice and pleasant voice and good diction. But this is not enough and Tomislav Šikić, the voice from the Croatian Radio can confirm it. His love for speech has been developing since his childhood. So naturally, he went for a radio audition. As well as many other voice over artists, he thinks you can’t become one overnight. You need to be well acquainted with the affairs in the country and the rest of the world. You need to train and practice your voice and speech. On top of everything, it is important to be self-critical as well as self-confident, which results in improvement. Gordana Kovačić stresses that it is not a God given gift, but that hard work makes you a voice over artist. She would never do anything else, because her job is challenging and demanding. She is a speech therapist, and voice is her passion.


In this line of work, making advertisements is true passion for Tatjana Rau. It is a real treat for her. She says it is hard to achieve this right away. After many years of doing this job, she is certain you can always do better. We can hear her warm, motherly voice in many advertisements for toys. Who wouldn’t buy them then? Whatever voice-over artists think about their job and their performance, they all agree that the pinnacle of the work behind the mic is reaching the feeling as if there was no microphone at all. Speaking and talking into the microphone is important, reading is not. If you want to know what voice over artists look like, take a peek here. We are certain that their stories, and the stories of other voice over actors will stir up your “language” feelings. :)


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