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Radio is a marathon runner at heart, and it has plenty of stamina for your success!

The long-term goal of radio advertising is to imprint the name of the product in the minds of its listeners, perhaps even before they have the need for the product.


adio is an ideal medium for long-term communication with your current and potential clients. Why is that so? Because radio is interwoven with the lives of the people who listen to it all day long, and it tirelessly waits for the moment when the listener truly hears it.

    People who listen to radio programmes every day also listen to the advertisements on the radio, and with interesting content and style these adverts enable you to draw the attention of the listeners. The long-term goal of advertising is to imprint the name of a company or a brand and its values in the minds and hearts of the public, even before they realise the need for your product or service. Please remember this concept! You need to communicate with your listeners because you never know when they might need you. When you feel it is the right moment to start an advertising campaign, it is often too late. Do not forget that your competition is also waiting for that “right moment”, and it can be at the same moment as yours!      When people feel the need or desire for the products or services that you offer, you have to be the first thought that pops into their heads! In order to achieve this you need to talk to them. On a regular basis. One-to-one. Intimately. Do not be aggressive in your advertisements, avoid being ultra creative – be human. Be their friend!
Try to imagine radio advertisements as a kind of gentle “seduction”, rather than obnoxious shouting in an outdoor market where everyone shouts at the same time. Who do you think people like to listen to more? Those who shout, or those who whisper?
What do you think?

Written by: Lenja F. Papp, the most passionate fan of radio in Slovenia and the director of the RADIO MAMA Radio Academy

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