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Creating a radio advertisement is like juggling

Creating a radio advertisement is like juggling

on 21.10.2009. | 13,019 views
Creating a radio advertisement is like juggling
written by: mag. Lenja F. Papp
Would you like your advertisement on the radio to only be listened to, or really be HEARD …?

(… certainly, you want the latter), then don’t ever forget that radio is a linear media, meaning it happens in real time. The listeners can’t rewind a radio advert to the beginning and listen to it again, and therefore, the characteristics of an advert should be appropriate to its subject. An advert should not be crammed with information such as telephone numbers, names, web pages and the like. That is the greatest sin of all in radio advertising and the perfect way to put off listeners and throw your money out of the window.
To better explain what I mean by this, please take this test:

You must have a few pens and pencils to hand right? Pick them up, 10, at least (yes, take some from your colleague’s desk).
Ready? Good.

Now, ask your colleague to move about three metres away and turn towards you.

Right, perfect!

And now, on the count of 3, throw all ten pens and pencils towards your colleague!


How many pens did your colleague catch? One? Two? Perhaps all ten? No, of course he didn’t catch all of them. This is how information in your radio advertisement acts. People don’t sit next to their radios all day, with a pen in their hand, waiting to hear YOUR advert. Think – when was the last time you were driving along a motorway with a pen in your hand, in order to write down a phone number you heard on the radio? Yes, I’m the same, and your listeners too. Do not let them ignore your advert, just because you think you have to say everything in 20 seconds.  Take a deep breath – no panic. The listeners are waiting for you … do not babble, do not rush, do not shout … whisper in their ears… and they will always listen to you, when you clearly tell them that your product or your service can improve their lives. And when they hear that, believe me, they will find all the other information themselves – your phone number, name, web, and so on..

Written by: Lenja F. Papp, the most passionate radio fan in Slovenia and the director of the RADIO MAMA Radio Academy




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