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How to shift your voice over career into high gear and record a demo?

How to shift your voice over career into high gear and record a demo?

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How to shift your voice over career into high gear and record a demo?
written by: Nikola Klobučarić
How your first demo can turn to be your last one!



If you want to join the world of voice over artists, your voice demo is your business card and your prime marketing tool. The voice demo is the equivalent of your photo, if you are looking for a modelling job. To start your career or shift it into higher gear, you need a good quality demo.
Here are a few tips on how not to spend the money you want to invest in the foundation of your career in vain.
Let’s say a voice demo is the first step in finding a voice over job, so recording a demo should be approached seriously, because your clients will listen to it once and that is it.  If you don’t catch their interest upon the first listen, you’ll have a hard time convincing them to listen to you again, just because you have “improved” in the meantime. Somehow, clients are apt to remember poor demos and voice over artists for a long, looong time. Thus, make your first demo the best you can. If you are not confident enough, some of our voice over workshops can teach you tricks of the trade and prepare you for the recording. Phoneticians, speech therapists and public speaking experts can help you disguise your imperfections and accentuate the best in your voice.

All you need is...
a good voice

No matter what sort of voice you have, you certainly won’t make a good demo without practice or the help of experts. Yes, with a lot of effort, a good sound engineer can mix your recording and leave the bad parts out so it sounds decent, but will you be able to repeat the same quality recording when you get a real job?
To be well prepared is half the job, so ask for your script in advance and prepare it well.


The best is to have your demo recorded on CD, but most of the agencies will ask for an MP3 recording to be sent by email.
How to get a ''brilliant'' demo real? 
A commercial voice over demo should not be longer than a minute, because if they don’t like you in the first ten seconds, they certainly won’t like you in five minutes.
In the advertising world there are all sorts of voices. A fine distinction among them lies in that some voice over artists SPEAK, while others only read the letters, hardly understanding the text. Being convincing and being able to convince the listener to listen to what you have to say is the hardest part. It is not the best idea to write your own script for a demo recording, unless you are a copywriter. It is recommended to take a script from TV, radio or press advertisements. Your demo should sound as if you already have experience in making advertisements that were broadcast on TV or radio. Do not just record a demo at home, no matter whether you borrowed a microphone, have a great software or whether your PC has a million gigahertz processor.
Apart from professional equipment and professional engineers who do it on daily basis, in a professional studio you will get a script that is suitable for recording a demo and you will be guided by a producer who will advise you on how you should sound. Not only on how you should speak, but also on what kind of demo the producer would want to hear. Therefore, when you record a demo, make sure it is brilliant, and not so-so, OK, or passable, but simply brilliant, because only brilliant demos get to be noticed.


Examples of scripts for recording demo

Scripts for recording demos are all written by copywriters who work on advertisements, which are shot by professionals and broadcast on TV and radio.  That is why these scripts are diverse; they span from advertisements for lawn mowers, toys or a new shampoo to a new issue of a magazine. This diversity is essential because of the need for different interpretations of scripts, because of different kinds of microphones, or because of a current mood. And therefore, your demo should display your ability to be diverse. It is a job of a studio producer, who will prepare the scripts and mix sound effects for different purposes. You will have to read some advertisements fast, some in a soft tone and some in a dramatic tone of voice. This diversity will spice up your demo in an interesting way and it will present you as a versatile voice over artist capable of wide variety of interpretations – and that is what they are looking for.
A competition among voice over artists is big, but have you ever wondered why there are only three or four voices that we hear? Because, those artists do it really well. And believe me, it isn’t easy!


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