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Rushing for the news

Rushing for the news

on 15.09.2010. | 10,211 views
Rushing for the news
written by: Kristina Kirschenheuter
No presenter - no panic

Why is the morning news so early in the morning?



Early risers know my voice well. I truly love my dear listeners and it is not a problem for me to wake up at the crack of dawn in summer or on dark mornings in winter. But sometimes, I don’t jump straight out of bed as my alarm clocks go off … actually, I jump out of bed, turn them all off and go back to bed for another 5 minutes. But, one morning, at 3.30 … alarm went off … and I stayed in bed for 5 more minutes … A van driver always comes to pick me up at 4.20, because I read the first news at 5 a.m. (From Samobor, actually, from Bregana, the first bus leaves at 4.20 – that is, if it starts at all) I had enough time to take a shower, to wash my hair and go through my morning ritual … just 5 more minutes … You wouldn’t believe how fast those 5 minutes pass! Suddenly, I sprang out of bed, as if I was plugged into a socket (imagine you are watching cartoons, such as Tom and Jerry). It was 4.21!!! The driver was already waiting for 1 minute. An unwritten rule is that a driver waits for 5 minutes and leaves. My mobile phone, where’s my mobile phone? I tried to dial a number. I couldn’t, my fingers were cramping. Panic!!! I never panic. Or let me put it this way; I thought I never panic. My husband also woke up and tried to calm me down; he tried to tell me that he’d drive me to work (it was also early morning for him too, 4.22, or 4.23 to be precise), but soon he realised that I couldn’t hear him and that all was in vain. Time flies! That is my favourite sentence. I was in a frenzy, but I finally managed to dial the driver’s number. It was ringing. Josip, the driver picked it up. Thank heavens I did not wake up a wrong one (that is another long story).


He was half way to Sveta Nedjelja. I don’t think I have ever used such a pleading tone of voice to ask him to come back and pick me up – he agreed to return, but he was not over the moon about Radio Sljeme … He came back.  If you think my mind was finally at rest, you are wrong. I had to be in front of my building in two minutes.  Luckily, I live on the first floor.  I grabbed my clothes from a chair (fortunately, I had prepared everything in advance). My husband said “the glasses”. “Who gives a damn about the glasses (even though, it is not exactly true), give me my dressing gown and shoes. And the handbag.” And I ran out. We were driving fast, it was a weekday, there was no police patrolling the streets … and we arrived in front of the building of the Croatian Radio Television on Prisavlje in 16 minutes. Then I rushed off again. I had to get the key from a doorman. He was gazing in bewilderment. Later on, he told me that he had thought we were shooting a film.I had to go through the door, and luckily I had a chip card out and ready (so I didn’t have to search for it). All that was left to do was wait for a lift, which, of course, was on the 4th floor, and the time was running out. The lift had never been slower. I finally reached the 4th floor. I was running down the hallway in my light blue dressing gown I had put over my light blue pyjamas; with the “just out-of-bed hairstyle”, holding my clothes that I intended to put on later and the huge handbag hanging on my shoulder.


An early morning editor was waiting for me with her eyes wide open and she handed me the news report, speechlessly. I dropped everything I was holding into a chair and at 4:59:50 sharp, I set behind the microphone in the studio that broadcasts early morning news. After the 3rd beep of the so-called “geoph” (an abbreviation for Geophysical Institute, according to whose time measurements radio presenters used to announce the current time), I said, “It is five o’ clock”. I was fully composed and focused on nothing else but what I had to say in the next 5 minutes. After a jingle announcing the Morning News, I cordially greeted my listeners, and as if nothing had happened, I read the news smoothly without making a mistake. Finally, I felt a relief.  I told my colleagues what was happening in the past 40-ish minutes. I could finally talk to my caring husband who warned me that I had left my trousers at home, hanging on another chair (luckily, I took another pair with me) and that I should check what I was wearing. After the 6 o’clock news, the Morning Chronicle and the 8 o’clock news I realised I left my mobile phone, my purse and my travel pass at home. My colleagues were willing to lend me the money for a bus fare, but my husband called me one more time and told me to wait for him (I obeyed this time!) and he drove me home.


Kristina Kirschenheuter, spikerica Hrvatskog radija


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Comments (3)

  1. #3 09.12.2010 at 11:11 Jasenka

    Oh Kristina, sve sam si zorno predstavila, svu tu strku, zbrku, i najednom se slatko nasmijala, jer to je upravo tako u vašem svijetu kojeg dobro poznam još iz doba pok.Stjepana (Pište) Kardoša. To se zove stres, zar ne! Naši saborski zastupnici misle da žive u stresu, a samo jedan dan bi trebali ovo probati ! Želim ti što manje strke u piđami i viklerima i zahvali Josipu (sva sreća onom pravom) što se vratio po tebe! Jas
  2. #2 01.12.2010 at 13:27 Irena

    Sličan film vrtimo i mi doma samo što je glavna glumica druga - ima 15 godina i bube u glavi. I da znaš, ostavimo ju pa se vraćamo. A kak će niz brdo?! Divim ti se jer neznam kako bi ja da mi zazvoni tak rano jer nama zvoni u 6.30.
  3. #1 01.12.2010 at 10:13 tana

    ma mračno! vidjela sam cijeli film...tako poznat, pa kad imaš još i dijete koje kasni u školu... ma znaš!