Voice-over voices

Emotions, radio emotions...


Pravi radio oglas teži k tome da uđe u sobu naših sjećanja kao neki nepozvani gost.



  Human consciousness is like a room full of the memories of scents, sounds, physical contacts, images … All these memories allude to partially forgotten words, thoughts and feelings like a pile of books placed one on top of the other.


     And every year, we collect new memories and experiences; all the words and feelings are gathered into the same old pile.
And then comes a familiar face, a well-know song, a familiar voice, a familiar scent that bring order to that sort of chaos – and suddenly, we take a memory or feeling out of that pile of “books”.
Those memories, those sensual recollections are part of us and define us in a way. And now, imagine a radio voice aspiring to enter this crowded room as an uninvited guest. Mrs Conscience will greet the voice at the door and ask: “Who do you know? Do you have any friends here? How many of them are your friends?”
But only the voice, the uninvited guest, that is able to touch and trigger an important memory, a recollection, a desire or a need will be permitted to enter. Only that voice.

   A voice that talks about the things the listener does not remember, or are new or unfamiliar will not be welcome.
The fact is that the things, which are familiar and close to us are more easily accepted.
Therefore, there is only one question that Mrs Conscious, as well as the listeners ask the advertiser:Why should this message be important to me?
Everyone wants to hear a story that tells something about them – a good radio voice artist is the one who deals with people and who can convince people that the advertised product or service will improve their lives. The rest is the waist of time. And money, of course.


mag. Lenja F. Papp, najstrastvenija obožavateljica radija u Sloveniji i direktorica Radijske akademije RADIO MAMA


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