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Keep your voice in top shape

Keep your voice in top shape

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Keep your voice in top shape
written by: Ivana Jelinčić
Have you ever wondered if you take care of your vocal cords enough?


 My vocal cords are in a good shape, and what about yours?

Have you ever wondered if you take care of your vocal cords enough?
If you’re a voice over artist or a singer, it certainly is a part of your daily routine, but even if you are not one of them, don’t let it be too late!

Vocal cords are part of our vocal apparatus and are the key organ for speaking, breathing and swallowing. While we speak our vocal cords close and vibrate.  Vibration produces our voice, which creates words with the help of the tongue, teeth and the lips. Vocal cords “wear out” over the years; they get tired same as the rest of our body. But if you want to keep your vocal cords in top shape, we give you some advice…



 1. Drink lots of liquids
Liquids keep your vocal cords hydrated and help them vibrate properly because water is to the throat same as oil is to the engine. Recently, a research has been done on the quantity of liquids necessary to stop the dehydration of vocal cords. So, we should drink about 3 litres of liquids, including water obtained from food or fruit and other drinks per day.

2. Stop smoking

If you haven’t stopped yet, you certainly should. Smoke in the throat prevents regular functioning of vocal cords, and the cigarette heat causes scarring of vocal cords. Therefore, sexy smoker voice is the product of damaged vocal cords.

 3. Be quiter, please…
You know that shouting and howling damages your vocal cords. But what really happens? Vocal cords are exposed to stress, and they “collide”, which causes swelling and/or polyps, i.e. nodules on vocal cords. The muscles grow weary much faster, resulting in hoarseness.
Nursery school teachers and teachers in general, call centre agents, people who work in bars or similar loud places are more prone to harming their vocal cords.
If you have to speak loudly at work, the experts recommend you should take a five-minute break from speaking every hour.


  4. Improve your body posture
It might sound odd, but a correct body posture is the key to keeping your voice youthful. If you are stooped, you can’t breathe deeply and your vocal cords have to work harder to produce sound.
Here is a little exercise to prove it … Stand up straight and say the sound “e”. Then bend your head forwards and keep on saying the same sound – you will notice a difference, all due to a bad posture.

 5. Avoid spicy food
If you are wondering “what for”, the answer is rather simple. Spicy food causes the excess of gastric acid to travel up to the gullet. It burns vocal cords, makes your throat dry and irritates it. In that case, the vibration of vocal cords is obstructed. Avoid all the food and drinks that contain ingredients that can irritate your stomach (onions, fizzy drinks, very spicy food), and have your supper at least two hours before you go to bed.

 6. And finally, ''Who Sings Mean No Harm''
Sing while you take a shower, if you don’t feel comfortable singing in front of other people. Mumbling and humming is the best method for keeping the muscles of the larynx fit and strong, and the steam smooths your vocal cords.
Join a choir, because singing is the best gymnastics for your voice. It is the best method of keeping your voice youthful. It is not something that I have just made up, it’s the advice of the specialists. All I can do is recommend an excellent choir …

Everything considered, these could be great New Year resolutions. Start applying them.  I hope you make it and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.



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Ivana Jelinčić



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