Images of time

Images of time

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Images of time
If a picture is worth a thousand of words, how many pictures and words are contained in a life?

 Does the present exist, or is it just a constant, but ostensible sense of our existence in the time that flows and lasts the same as we do? Is the past the only definite thing, the future a sustainable presumption, and the present just fiction? These are some of the eternal questions about time and its transience that are being addressed at the threshold of the new millennium.
This is what the film deliberates over while telling a story about a film camera and two elderly ladies who live in an old people’s home near a construction site on Vlaška Street in Zagreb. This is a story about two separate passages of time, some distinctive memories and the aggressive birth of new life.
The film was screened at:
- 30th Tampere Short Film Festival in Finland
- Architecture and Film, Regensburg, Germany
- 5th Teheran Short Film Festival, Iran
- 1st Mediterranean Short Film Festival, Tanger, Morocco
- Sao Paolo Film Festival, Brazil
- Cottbus Film Festival, Germany
- Drama Film Festival, Greece
- San Francisco Film Festival, USA

The film received the Kodak award at the 10th Days of Croatian Film.

Directed by:
Željko Sarić, in 1998.
Produced by: Nikola Klobučarić and Project6 Studio
Length: 22 mins




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